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Here are some e-mails that we have received from our puppy owners.

Hi Kevin and Debbie,

Just thought I would give you a update. I have entered Jayda in two licensed Field Trials. The first trial she received a jam in Junior (Canadian Derby) and the second trial she received a 3rd in Junior. She is also been in numerous club trial and has 1st,2nds,and 3rds and 1 jam. We
are going up to Prince George in a couple of weeks for a two day trial, I will let you know how we do. I have also had her tested for CNM and she was clear!!!(yah)

Hi Kevin and Debbie,

Jayda received a 2nd and a 1st in prince George a couple of weeks ago. That give her 10 Junior (derby Canada) points, which will give her a JFTR (Junior Field Trial Retriever)title. Thanks again for a great dog. I will keep you informed on our results and will send some pictures soon.

Thanks Ron



Hey Kevin and Debbie,

I wanted to give you an update on Charlie and send you some cute pics. He is doing great! At 4 months he is 34 lbs. and growing. Training is going well.

He is sitting and coming on a whistle. He absolutely loves the water! He sleeps in his crate fine at night for 8 hours. But most importantly he is the most beautiful boy everyone who sees him can't believe what a good looking dog he is! I think he looks alot like his mother, Lexi. What I love is how aware he is. He attends to every sound and every bird, bug, and frog.

Also I have never known a pup that would sit in front of me and look intently in my eyes enjoying pets- it seems so mature for his age. Brock and I can't thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful boy.

Take Care,


Gainesville, FL


Hi Kevin, Debbie, and Family

I wanted to send you all a picture of Griffey, who is now 7 months old…we got him from you in early August.  He is doing absolutely wonderful and we are so in love with him.  He is extremely playful but very well mannered and even tempered.  At home he is calm and sleeps a lot but loves to go in the water and play with anyone who is willing!  I’ve attached a picture of him at about 4 months.  He is now about 55 lbs. and slowly growing.

Thank you so much for breeding such an amazing quality of dog.  We are so happy to have him as part of our family.

Adam and Kirsten Lile


Kevin & Deb,
Just a short note to let you know Tango is doing well.  He went to the vet today for a check and worm sample, weighed an impressive 47# an no fat anywhere (but still extra skin!) and is in perfect health.  Since it's near 95 most days here, workouts are in the early am (breakfast at 6 am) or after dinner, and involves a three mile trip to the Columbia River.  I bought a Retrieve-R-Trainer, and he is a very go gettum fetching machine.  Even in the cold snow melt and current, he can do 75 yard retrieves no sweat.  The big problem is his buddy, our female 10 MO Maizy, is even MORE competitive on retrieving, so it's a job to keep them in line and alternating.  Maizy is now 63# so she and Tango play, play, play all the time, she is still dominant, but he is gaining on her...
Attached is a pic from this morning of Tango.  We are no long doing doggy day care for Todd, so we only see Indy once a week or so, then it's old home week as they roughhouse around.  Everyone comments on the mellow, loving disposition of Tango, he just melts hearts!
Hope all is going well, will be sending along some first bird pics soon...
Best Regards,

Stu & Laura



Our Male Tango is maturing very nicely.  He has learned a lot from our older female, even though she is just 15 months old now.  He is becoming a fearless hunter and great retriever.  We got these critters in a 45 minute hunt with great shooting several weeks ago...yesterday we hunted 48 minutes to shoot and retrieve 10 quail and a duck...His water work is excellent, can't keep him out of it no matter the temp.  Hard to believe he's not even a year old yet!  His step sister Indy is also doing well, but has much less hunting experience so far...Let us know if you ever want a reference on the HUNTING aspect of this line of dogs...he is super mellow but a real task master in the field.
Best Regards

Stu & Laura



Here are a couple of pics from this am's pheasant hunt...as you can see we did very well.  Three of the birds were POINTS in heavy cover.  Two were water retrieves (marshy lake edge, tough to hunt) and one landed over .5 miles away but was recovered by the dog!  He has such a nice, sweet disposition, he worms his way into anybody's lap and gives kisses...really a mellow dog except when he puts on his hunting for birds mentality!  Outstanding for a pup only 10 months old!
Best Regards,
Stu & Laura Turner




Dear Kevin and Debbie,

Just wanted to drop you a line and a photo of Jenny, (known to you as Purple Collar).
She is a great pup, and was doing water retrieves within 2 weeks of coming to Chama. She has a sweet personality, and has fit in well with our older dog, Murphy.

Hope everything is well with your family!

Diane Holzem







Kevin, Debbie and Family,
Thought that I would drop you all a line to update you on how things are going with the new puppy.  First of all, we received the shot records today.  Thank you.  I can't believe that I didn't even think about that while I was there.
The puppy is doing great.  We named her Jenny.  Danielle and I can't get over what a wonderful puppy she is.  She is already responding to her name, starting to sit on command (usually for a very short period of time) and learning about potty in the house (accidents have all been our problem, not hers).  I can't thank you all enough for the terrific job you did preparing her.  She has shown no anxiety about separation from her litter mates or mother.  She interacts well with everyone, considering that she is a puppy, and she constantly is showing great intelligence, drive and a willingness to learn the rules.  In short, we can see that she is well on her way to being a great dog.  Now, as long as we don't screw her up . . .
Anyway, thank you again and keep in touch.  I would really like to see Hydro work some ducks this next year.  Maybe he can teach Jenny some of the tricks of the trade.
Scott Urakawa

Kevin, Debbie and Family,

Just a short note to update you on our progress and see how things are going in your neck of the woods.
Training is advancing at a very rapid rate.  We introduced her to the close range gun and live birds on Sunday.  She thought it was great.  She quickly made the connection between the loud bang and the retrieve.  Her ability to mark out to 100 yards is amazing, especially considering the small size of the pigeons in the area we use.  We are still working on blinds, but any shortcomings there are my fault.  In addition to the training, she is a wonderful family pet and is so obedient that the 5 year old can play fetch with her.  Once again, thank you for setting the stage with all of your hard work.
I hope that everything is going well for your family. 
Scott Urakawa



From Floyd B.


Hi there, sorry about not getting back to you I've been having computer
problems, anyhow pup (Mack) is doing great. Growing like a weed, retrieving
everything. Had him down to the water couple days ago, he loved it !!!! Had
him retrieving small bumpers out to about 40 yards. He's a very strong
swimmer. His water entry is fabulous. He dives right in no hesitation. I
throw bumpers for him every morning before going to work, at this age he seems
to be marking quite well. So as you can tell I'm excited about what I'm
seeing at this age. I'll keep in touch, hopefully my computer doesn't act up
again. Talk to you soon, Floyd!!!!!!!!




Hello, Mack is doing great, we went duck hunting this last week-end, he

retrieved several ducks for me. He's quite a dog, great personality, he just

loves to retrieve!!!! Last week-end I went to eastern Oregon duck

hunting, took our trailer to stay in, Mack believes that this is his big dog

house, at night he would jump up on the bed and lay there with those big brown

eyes looking up at me, as to say, "okay I'm ready for bed". Anyhow I've talked

to (the trainer) and will start training after bird season is over. I want to

have some fun with him, before we start the serious stuff. Let me know about

any future breedings you have, I occasionally get asked about puppies, most are

for hunting, you have a great breeding program, would not hesitate about

sending people your way. Stay in touch!!!! Floyd Bond.

From Matt F.


Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know Dakota and family are doing great and
he is enjoying his new home! We want to thank you again and let you guys
know you did a wonder full job with your dogs. Dakota is a very quick
learner! He loves his crate and already knows how to sit and almost has come
down! He is very eager to please and he is sleeping through the night (
10-6 am). Thanks again and we were curious if you have heard how Head is
doing? Take care and well keep in touch!




Hi guys just wanted to say hi and let you know Dakota is doing just great.
He has been a real joy to train and we are now taking him out hunting ducks.
I'm amazed at how well he picks up on things we ask of him and at six months of age he does very well in a duck boat. We hope all is well and since Im not so good with computers I will mail you a picture of him with in the next few weeks. We wish you a happy holidays and thanks again for such a good looking and smart dog. We hope all is well and please let us know of next years breedings. We may be looking for a yellow lab.
Thank You,
Matt and Crystalyn

From: Ginger & Hans

Hello, wanted to thank you and tell you again that Haven is doing great. She is training us well....lol She is very aggressive with her retrieve, and does not give up the towel easily!! What a wonder pup!! I have attached pictures of her retrieving and at rest. I don't know how she talked me into getting this picture of her on the couch!! :) She has only had two accidents and lucky for us she prefers linoleum to carpet:) She stays dry in her kennel all night. What a smart little girl she is. I hope you like the pics. More to follow!!
Ginger, Hans, Hali and Haven.

(Haven at about 8 weeks)

From: Dan O.

Good Morning Kevin, Debbie, and family,

Just wanted to let you know how our first day and night with Sadie went. It
was great!! Our highest compliments on how well you guys have socialized her
and started her crate training/house breaking. She adjusted really well
yesterday for having us mess up her schedule.

When we got her home we took her to the back yard where she will do her
business and she did. It couldn't have worked out better. After a few
minutes we brought her into the house and she wanted to stay at the back
screen door. So we let her back out on the lawn and she went poo. We were
most impressed because we took her into the house after that and she was
ready to explore. She ended up having a late lunch, about 2:30 pm but it
worked out ok.

We took her for a walk on her leash down the street in the evening. She did
really well. We might have worn her out because she slept through the night
after Janie let her out about 11:30.

I heard her stir around in her crate about 6 am this morning. I got up and
let her out and she did her business. I brought in and we got to play fetch
games. She did really well. Right now she is in her crate having a little
snooze while we get the boys going for the day. By the way, Kirby is
starting to warm up to her. He was petting her last night. It will probably
take a few days for him.

Sadie's AKC registration name will be "Sand Creek Sadie Rose". Thanks again
for letting us have one of your pups! Again, our best compliments on the
whole process, from our first contact until today. You guys have been

Have a great rest of the weekend and we will stay in touch.

Dan, Janie, and the boys.


Hi Kevin and Debbie,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Sadie is doing. She is a

really wonderful dog. I took her to eastern Washington pheasant and quail

hunting on October 7th. She really took to it. You should of seen the gleam

in her eyes when she carried back her first pheasant. She hunted very hard

for a puppy and flushed lots of birds. P.S. I wore her out.

Yesterday she went duck hunting for the first time and retrieved a couple

of ducks inside the decoys. She just tried to retrieve decoys when the

birds landed outside of the spread. We will need to work on that.

Sadie must weigh around 50 pounds now. Her coat is real gold and pretty

like her dad's.

Talk to you all later.

Dan O.


From: David D.

pup arrived fine She had an exciting trip ! took 15 hours involving bad weather, flight delays ,bush airplane ride and then finally a boat ride to our cabin. She arrived to 10 people in our cabin including three grandchildren, age4,6,7. Needless to say the pup received lots of attention. She appears to be an extraordinary dog; very social, adventurous, able to intimidate a large male cat and our older lab, comes to a whistle, and is retrieving puppy bumpers. Nan and I are very pleased and we think she is quite happy with us

Dave and Nan


Hi Debbie, Kevin and kids:
We named the pup Sacajawea and call her "Saca". She knows her name, comes
when called and comes to the whistle. She retrieves well under controlled
situations and loves the bumper. She is learning to sit but does not like
the leash. She is a bundle of personality, very demanding at times and
quite vocal when she wants something. We think she is going to be strong
willed and wired. She is very affectionate and thinks she is a lap
dog--however she is growing very rapidly and our laps are getting too
She loves people and is very social. She is a wonderful pup!!

Dave and Nan


Hi Kevin and Debbie:

Yesterday, Saca made her first duck retrieve.  She came back prancing and proud as a peacock!  She dropped the duck at Dave's feet (we have to work more on "hold".) and was ready for another retrieve.  Unfortunately, Dave missed the next two shots and Saca let out some real howls of displeasure.  She is doing great in her training. A bit stubborn at times but very, very smart.  We had been worried that she was not going to take to the water well because her first introduction to water was at nine weeks of age when she fell out of our boat at 25 MPH into Lake Clark which at the time had a temp. of 49 degrees.  However, yesterday, she wouldn't quit playing in the water and swimming---this time the temperature was barely above freezing!!  We do, however, still have a major problem--Saca continues to think she is a lap dog at 41 pounds!.  It is Dave's fault.  He enjoys his morning coffee with the lap dog and hasn't tried to stop her from climbing up.  (It's the only time this sort of behavior is allowed).  We are very, very pleased with our pup and happy that she is turning out to be so perfect in her training. We don't think we have ever had a dog more wild about retrieving or a more pleasant house dog.  Thought you might like to know how she is turning out.

Dave and Nan 


Jim & Alyson B.

Hi! I keep wanting to write and tell you how AJ is coming along only I

get so busy with school that I don't get to the computer. I think AJ is

smart enough that if he had the dexterity that he would email his own


AJ is just a super dog. Jim has him out on the duck flats regularly

and what Jim shoots, AJ retrieves. AJ is very mannerly too. He heals

so nicely with Jim and waits for all his commands. Well, there was the

one day that AJ spotted this pair of white swans about 500 yards away

and just couldn't resist a race to the challenge. The white birds

probably didn't look that far away because they are so big:-)

AJ is also very polite and mannerly in the house. He has his own

toy box with toys and doesn't bother any of our stuff at all. We leave

the house completely open to him now except if we are to be gone for any

length of time and then we still have the kennel.

Mostly though, AJ and Jim are buddies. AJ watches and waits each

morning until I get my jacket. That means a ride to school to drop me

off before a hunting/walk. When Jim picks me up, AJ is right there to

give me a great tail wagging greeting.

Well, Jim just yelled that the Friday night movie was beginning. I

just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying and loving AJ. He is

such a crack up. I still haven't figured out how to email pictures but

when I do, I'll send some of AJ. He is a beautiful dog too. Well,

catch you later.

Alyson, Jim and AJ